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The Imperial Hotel
Rocquaine Bay
Torteval Guernsey
Channel Islands

Tel: 01481 264044

Attractions near The Imperial Hotel

  • Pleinment
    A restored naval observation tower built in 1942 by the Germans. The tower has original rangefinders and there is also a reconstructed barrack and battery dolman.

  • Table des Pions/The Fairy Ring
    In local folklore the site is linked with Fairies, Witches and Elves and the locals call it the Fairy Ring. It was actually used by Island officials when inspecting roads and coastal defences up until 1837.

Torteval, Guernsey

The Imperial Hotel is situated in Torteval, the smallest and most western of Guernsey's ten parishes. Its name comes from the Guernesiais words for 'twisting valley'. This setting is one of Channel Islands most stunning and panoramic, surrounded by safe sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and miles of adjoining coastal cliff paths.

Torteval's southern coast is composed entirely of rugged cliffs offering over twenty miles of breathtaking cliff walks combining stunning scenery with wildlife and flora. To the northwest there is a small fishing harbour called Portelet where you will find Portelet Bay, and the southern end of Rocquaine Bay.

Torteval Church is located in the centre of the parish and was built in 1818. The church has one of the oldest bells in the Channel Islands and also the tallest steeple in Guernsey. Popular Attractions in Torteval include Fort Grey & Shipwreck museum, Portelet Bay and Rocquaine Bay.

Fort Grey & Shipwreck museum

Fort Grey is located at Rocquaine on Guernsey's rocky west coast, near the infamous Hanois reefs where many vessels were shipwrecked. Known locally as the 'Cup and Saucer', Fort Grey is a Martello Tower which was built in 1804 to defend Guernsey's west coast.

The Martello Tower is situated on a rocky islet just offshore but connected by a stone causeway, and now houses a Shipwreck Museum with a variety of objects recovered from the wrecks. The information panels tell the gripping stories surrounding the disasters which date from the HMS Sprightly in 1777 to the Vermontborg in 2003. Open during the period April 1 - October 30, daily 10.00am - 16.30pm.

Portelet Bay

Portelet Bay is a lovely sandy beach at the southern end of Rocquaine Bay complete with a small fishing harbour where you can relax and watch the fishing boats or enjoy the sea and sand on this West-facing open beach.